What is project management

Many ask, “what is project management?” Without getting too complex, project management is simply how to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close an effort of tasks to achieve the desired goals of an endeavor.  There is a lot of publications, certifications, and governance related to project management. This website we boil the complex project management information down to fundamental best practices. Whether you are a relatively new project manager or have the experience, you will find this website helpful.

Why is project management important?

When you look at the human resources on a project, they have an obvious tangible benefit. They identify the tasks need to be completed. They complete the tasks. They assist with risk mitigation and so many other items. When you initially look at the project manager you may see the role as just overhead. Many people have this idea that a project manager is just focused on completing paperwork and controlling costs.

While it is true the project manager keeps the project paperwork up to date and control costs, there are so many benefits to having a project manager. The project manager keeps the project team and stakeholders working well together. A project manager will focus the team to provide the deliverables on time, on budget, and within the approved scope. A project manager is the conductor of a complex mix of resources.

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